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Omni is mascot. In this limited NFT edition,  Omni is depicted in his Dojo assuming a typical meditative posture. Fun elements such as country flags, martial arts garments, and a couple of items borrowed from the film industry and other successful NFT collections have been incorporated to ensure an overall pleasurable experience.

The Dojos from this collection are definitely fun to have and perfect for exhibiting as your Telegram or Whatsapp profile picture.


OmniDex is an automated market-making (AMM) decentralized exchange. It is the first native DEX built on the Telos EVM. You can swap, farm, borrow, lend and earn rewards on its platform. Omnidex has been created to serve this rapidly growing community and to attract new users to join the amazing Telos platform.
We really hope you enjoy collecting, flipping, and showing off your Omnidojos. Cheers.



Want to Know how rare your Dojo is so far? Check out the chart by clicking the button on the right. The chart updates regularly with the latest minted items. The chart rankings change as more Dojos are minted.


Each Dojo is generated from more than 10 possible traits spread over 5 layers, some being moe rare than others, giving everyone the chance to drop the rarest ones ! Will you get lucky? Check out the different attributes available and their occurances in the collection to learn how unique your Omnies are.

Get your Telos ready for the Mint!

Omnis are minted from an ERC721-based NFT contract on the Telos EVM that sets fair rules. Once an Omni has been created, the owner may send it to any other address on Telos EVM or may list it for sale on any NFT marketplace on Telos EVM using the ERC-721 standard. The starting price of an Dojo is 10 Telos.


In order to mint your Omnis, you need a Metamask Wallet set up for the Telos EVM Network and enough Telos to buy them. Follow the instructions in the video below or request assistance on our Telegram group. Remember to never share your private keys or sensitive information.


Why Omnidex?

Click on the video to learn more about Omnidex services.

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